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Typical Charges

What will it all cost?
Well, compared to the cost of you dismantling your system to extract your tower or your
laptop, lugging it down to a computer repair shop, waiting 3 or 4 days for them to look at it, trusting them to do the work and at the same time not charge you whatever they want for bench time, collecting your kit and reassembling it at home the answer is -
not very much.

The average cost for a site visit lasting two hours or so is about 40 or so but have a look at
my fixed price deals below
starting at only 25
and in particular the overnight or daytime
cleanups for slow machines - they represent unbeatable value for money and could turn
your machine into a flyer!!!!

If you are a stickler for time and money the cost breakdown is as follows:

Up to one hour on site:  30

There is no "call out" charge.

Included is a follow up phone call, ongoing advice and a return visit within 7 days if the same problem reoccurs. (Parts are not included).

Some software problems may never be solved. Also once a machine /printer or whatever is
dead we just have to move on, I can't perform miracles unfortunately.

If I do bring your machine back from the dead it may well not be perfect and you'll either have to accept that or have the Windows operating system reloaded.

As an alternative to paying an hourly rate I offer fixed price services
Overnight Cleanup for slow runners
Collect 5.00pm return next day at 8:30am
Daytime Cleanup for slow runners
Collect 9.00am return same day at 6.00pm
Backup to DVD
My Documents and Pictures
Email backup
To file or external drive
Reinstall Windows
40 - 60
Install RAM
20 plus cost of RAM
Install Printer or Router
Set up New system
30 to 75
Virus Removal
Depends on severity
30 to 45

Please backup your data regularly. I will ask you to confirm that you have made a
recent backup before agreeing to carry out any work.

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