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How We Operate

I do not have an office or a workshop and most of my work is done on site. You may need the services of a fully fledged repairer and that being the case I can recommend one to you as I work with several.

  • On receipt of your call/enquiry via e-mail, I'll call you back.
  • You can outline your problem and I'll try and help you over the phone.
  • If I need to come out to you to sort the problem we'll agree a day and time.
  • I will turn up on the agreed day and within a quarter of an hour, either way, of the agreed time. If I'm any later I'll knock 50% off your bill!
  • Most cures take about one and a half to two hours.
  • You have to resign yourself to the fact that if you call me out it will cost you probably in the region of 40 - hopefully a lot less - plus the cost of any parts.
  • I do not carry a stopwatch with me nor an invoice pad! 
  • On completion of the work I will confirm the time spent and the approximate cost (or the full cost if you have opted for a fixed price service)
  • I will call you the next day to make sure you are OK and that all is working fine.
  • A few days later I will send you an invoice with an S.A.E
  • If you are 100% happy please send me a cheque.

Sometimes I won't be able to fix your laptop or PC. If that's the case I will obtain a firm quote from a reputable repairer and deliver your laptop/PC to them for nil additional cost. I will monitor the repair and let you know when you can collect your machine.

I never pay for software if I can help it as I use freely available programs from the internet from (very) reputable companies. I do not deal in pirate software and am not prepared to load pirate software. All Microsoft products carry a licence key and I am happy to reload Microsoft products if you have the original disk and the software licence that goes with the disk.

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