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Help & Advice

If you need advice with regard to any computer issue please call me. Most times I will have
come across your situation before and we can have a meaningful discussion at my expense.
If I don't know the answer I can usually tell you where to find it.

I get involved in most things from sourcing new and second hand computers to taking away
old computers for scrap and just about anything in between.

The following are areas where I may be able to help you:

  Buying/setting up a new computer
  Loading software
  Loading anti-virus - the free and paid for options
  Microsoft Office purchase, loading, compatibility
  Wireless set up
  Modem/router issues
  Malware and spyware
  Printer problems - wireless, cable and networked
  Internet explorer problems and alternative browsers
  Windows update problems
  Networking problems
  Slow Running
  Memory upgrades
  Email transfer/backup
  Saving to disk
  External hard drives
  Backing up
  Website design and costs

If you think that I've just sat down and copied the above list from a book, you are absolutely
right in that the information has been taken from my diary for the last week - they are real
cases where I've given advice.

Just give me a ring on 07769 740 932 and we can have a chat.

There's no charge and the outcome will be positive for both of us.

The more advice I give the more I learn so I look forward to hearing from you.


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