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Computer Repairs

The following information is aimed at domestic customers - householders - who have their own PC system usually consisting of a tower PC and/or a laptop, a printer/scanner/fax, broadband router and webcam kit.

Usually the software - the operating system and word processing and spreadsheet programs - is Microsoft based.

Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera are the most common internet browsers although Google Chromium or Chrome is catching on fast. 

Email programs are web based which can be accessed from any Internet browser or machine based such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird or Windows Mail. 

The problems I deal with range from Internet and email through to router, hard-drive, memory, slow-running and virus issues but I'm prepared to help with anything!

Please call me on 07769 740 932 for a chat if you've got any computer related problem that's getting you down. I'll call you straight back to save you any further cost - we can talk things through and decide how best to tackle your problem.

I understand you may be reluctant to take that first step but have a look at my Customer Review page
for some reassurance and get in touch. It's got to be better than struggling on when you could be flying !


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